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so homecomin was pretty cool i guess..let me lay it out 4 ya...… - .:He said, "Take off your clothes for me; I've got a dirty fantasy.":. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Oct. 4th, 2005|09:02 pm]
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so homecomin was pretty cool i guess..let me lay it out 4 ya...

Friday nite was the game.Yeah that was cool I guess..then Katie & Alicia came back to ma house..we went to wal*mart and got soem cameras and some other stuff..

Saturday mornin my mom dropped us off @ Alicia and we started to get ready..Gram did our hair while I did the make-up..Caleb came and got us at like 4.30 and we picked up Chad and headed out to Colton's
There were about 18 of us takin pictures out there and it took us a good hour to get all the pictures over with. We loaded up and rode down to Outback in Daytona.. That was funn. On the way to the dance, being th egood friend that I am, I rode with Alicia so she could ride with Scott.. i dunno what was up with the two other losers in the car but lets just say i was pretty pissed..
So we get to the dance and we had funn.The other god damn country song they played while we were there was Big & Rich 'Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy'...so u noe all of us sang are lil ♥ out when it came on...

So Mr. Claypoole decides he wants to hang out with these 2 girls and not give us a ride home.. so we had to call up Paul and everybody to come and get me and Alicia. Then we went back to Chases house and changed &met up with Colton & Alyssa. Hung out with them 4 a little bit but Ms. Nichole had to be home by 1 so we left and went to her house. we hung out there till 2.30 and then left 4 Alicia's house. In the mean time, there was a god damn party at the airport again but we had to b home by 3 and there wasnt no way we were gunna risk staying out later

Sunday we just hung out at Alicia's and i came home and slept

x's and o's

I really wish somebody knew where my camera was & if you do, could u please give it back to me. Thanks, ♥